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Portland Music School
Courses at

We have classes for children ages 6 - 12 and for teens and adults as well!

Each class meets once a week for 50 minutes over a 12 week period and combines group and individual learning activities.

Keyboard Encounters for Kids


(Ages 6 - 7)

This is a group music program tailored for younger children--a great age for learning to play the piano.


Classes feature music reading, ensemble playing, singing and FUN!

Music Friends


(Ages 8 - 12)

A unique course that utilizes group and individual lessons.  Students engage in playing keyboard ensembles, singing and practicing drills as a group, while working on repertoire independently.

This course uses technology that kids love!

Keyboard Encounters for

Teens & Adults


This is an innovative course of piano-style instruction where tradition and technology meet in harmony.

Geared toward adults, this class places an emphasis on hands-on learning with fast results in a group setting.

The tuition for each 12 week class is $300. 


An additional materials fee of $45 is charged every year.

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